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A 6-week course forcing you to finally commit and get in-shape ASAP. You can't afford to put it off any longer ⏤ it's time to buckle down.

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"I truly feel better, have more energy and feel this is sustainable. This program has changed my life!"

- Tracie A.

"I ended up losing just over 10 pounds and not only went up 10 pounds on my bench but was able to go up or maintain on all other lifts!"

- Andrew P.

"It was very worth it. I surpassed all my goals on it. I honestly didn’t expect much from 6 weeks but I was surprised."

- John C. (Not a car 😉)

Hey, I'm Matt.

I'm a nationally-accredited Registered Dietitian who has transformed hundreds of people as a fitness coach over 5+ years, and the creator of The Fat Loss Accelerator.

There's one word I would use to describe the making of this course: intentional.

The techniques, strategies, and tactics in the Fat Loss Accelerator are not guesses.

They’ve either been proven through my years of coaching hundreds of clients, experiments on myself, or from the latest cutting-edge science. Most are all three.

I created the Fat Loss Accelerator because I noticed patterns with my 1-on-1 coaching clients. The types of people I worked with, their goals and desires, and the methods that got them results — there was tons of overlap. The patterns laid out a roadmap...

(Full transparency: without badass, hard-working clients, none of my methods matter.)

Most of them wanted the same things:

  • To lose pure body fat.
  • To gain muscle definition and strength.
  • To accomplish #1 and 2 without sacrificing their life to fitness, ruining their metabolism, or starving themselves.

Keeping these in mind, I thought about how to remove myself from this process as much as possible. I was the bottleneck from helping more people.

So, I asked myself, “What could I create that packages my methods into an easy-to-follow course, so that almost anyone could 'kickstart' their fat loss transformation with minimal help from me? Basically, what's my personal 'recipe" for fat loss?”

The Fat Loss Accelerator was the answer.

"Patience, long-game, slow & steady."

Results, now.

Course Overview

There are two main parts of the Fat Loss Accelerator course.

PART 1: THEORY - Fat Loss Catalysts

This is the why. In this section, you'll learn what I've found to be fat loss "catalysts." These are the methods to the madness behind rapid fat loss.

The Accelerator Diet

Where cutting-edge nutritional science meets practicality. Designed to accelerate fat loss and gain lean muscle mass ⏤ without tanking your hormone levels or feeling like you're dieting.

The Accelerator Workouts

A 6-week workout plan (gym and home variations) built on six foundational principles to maximize your results: 1) Safety 2) Effectiveness 3) Efficiency 4) Simplicity 5) Practicality 6) Fun.

Adherence Strategies

A plan you can stick to > Everything else. These will help you put your fat loss on autopilot and never miss a workout (especially if you're busy).

Rest, Recovery, & Relaxation

A proper rapid fat loss protocol needs to be balanced and proactive when it comes to preventing injury or burnout. Who said you can't feel amazing and lose lots of fat at the same time?

Cardiac Output

You won't be doing hours of cardio with the FLA. We use the minimum effective dose to aid fat loss, but keep you healthy and athletic.

Nutrient Timing & Manipulation

This is the extra 10-20% of results that no one makes Instagram infographics about because "calories are all that matter." Yet, the science shows you can squeeze out extra progress with these small tweaks.


APPLICATION - The Field Manual [WEEKS 1-6]

This is the how. This is my "secret recipe" for fat loss. In this section, you'll follow the specific, week-by-week instructions laid out in the "Field Manual" to apply the theories you've just learned.

How It Works



After you pay, you'll receive your next steps via email.



Every 7 days, you'll unlock the next week's instructions.



Each week will have new challenges, building on the week prior.



You end the course looking better, feeling better, and with more confidence than ever before.

Exactly what you'll get...

Because who doesn't like checklists?

  • Complete access to the 6-Week Fat Loss Accelerator Course (for life)
  • All your account materials in an easy-to-use app (mobile & desktop friendly)
  • 6-Weeks of Accelerator Workouts (home & gym versions PLUS exercise demos)
  • The Accelerator Diet, where I'll show you exactly how to calculate your calories, macros, and not hate your life while aggressively dieting
  • The Accelerator Nutrition & Progress Tracker, where you can track and monitor your progress every step of the way so you have clarity on what areas to improve
  • High-protein recipes from a professional chef and the Accelerator Diet Grocery List, so you know what to buy at the store to create delicious meals you'll actually eat
  • Not-boring-as-shit education around my "Fat Loss Catalysts" and how to best apply them so you can be self-sustainable with your diet and exercise for the long-term
  • Private community and support group (we call ourselves the "Accelerators" - badass, I know) where you can ask me questions, post wins, or share a meme in the community activity feed (it's like your Facebook feed without all the terrible people)
  • Complete access and guidance from me within the free app. No matter what, I'm always a direct message/email away if you're struggling and will hit you back within 48 hours (typically <24).
  • Accountability is built into the course, but don't be surprised if you get a random message from me checking in on you. Unlike most courses, I'm invested in your transformation and helping you succeed at all costs.

*Keep scrolling for potential bonuses.*

Want to peek inside the course?

[Preview] The Accelerator Workouts

[Preview] Nutrition & Progress Tracker

They bet on themselves, decided to join, and here's how it went...

Tereasa (above)

Stacy (down 7 lbs!)

My own brother, Blake, dropped inches around his waist and gained more definition in his chest and arms. (And, yes, I did make him pay for the course. 😂)

Starting weight was 323 lbs. Ending weight was 303 lbs. But most importantly: she has a sustainable plan, better health, and... hope. Love to see it. 👏

Important Disclaimer

Hey, Matt here. Real quick, before offering the option to buy, I wanted to state who the FLA is NOT for:

Do you have an ongoing negative relationship with food and/or your body? Do you currently, or in the past, have a history of disordered eating or a diagnosed eating disorder? Have you been aggressively dieting and doing lots of cardio for several months without any progress, but see rapid fat loss as the "solution" to push you further? Are you constantly obsessed over your body and food intake on a daily basis? If the answer is yes to any of those, then rapid fat loss is not for you.

Above all else, your safety is my highest priority.



(Join 76+ others already inside.)

I'M READY. - $159


Join today to take advantage of these four bonuses (completely free)...


2-Day Example Meal Plan

  • This details exactly how I'd eat to hit your daily calorie targets prescribed in the Accelerator Diet (lower & higher calorie day examples)


My "Peaking" Protocol

  • A full breakdown on how to "peak" for an event (like a pool party) or vacation once the FLA is finished


The "Anti-Rebound" Exit Strategy

  • Full instructions on how to safely transition back into "normal eating" after the FLA is over, so you don't rebound and gain the weight back


1:1 Roadmap Call (3 Spots Left)

  • This is a 30-minute call with yours truly once the course is done ⏤ we'll decide your upcoming goals and map out a specific plan to get you there. (NOTE: due to high demand, I can only take the first FIVE people who purchase. I'll notify you if you were one of the first.)

Frequently Asked Q's

When does the course begin?

Whenever you're ready. This is a self-paced course you can begin as soon as purchase.

To make sure you take action ASAP, I'd recommend you start on the following Sunday after signing up.

Do I need to have a 6-week window of minimal travel, distractions, etc., for this to work for me?

Absolutely not. Sure, it's ideal to make it easier, but if you can only adhere to a healthy lifestyle when life is "perfect," then you're going to struggle once life inevitably gets messy again.

I also designed the FLA with this in mind because it's not practical for most people to have six weeks of continuous "stability" with their routine. If you nail the basics I teach and get back on track ASAP after falling off, you'll still see great results, even if the course takes you longer than six weeks to complete.

Will I get to keep access to the course, workouts, etc., once the course is over?

Yep! You'll have access to everything, forever. Along with any course updates, changes, etc.

When you first sign up, you'll only have access to Week 1 instructions. After 7 days, the course will automatically unlock Week 2 instructions. And so on. This is only so you don't try to jump ahead and do everything at once.

(After you unlock the instructions, they won't lock back.)

How much fat can I expect to lose?

It's hard to give an exact answer, and it will fully depend on how closely you follow the program.

BUT. A very general answer would be ~4-15+ pounds lost, based off the results from past Accelerators.

Can I use this to get in-shape for a wedding, a vacation, or for Summer?

The FLA would be perfect for this.

Most people are going to crash diet for those things anyway, so the FLA shows you how to do it properly. (And actually see results, instead of whatever fad diet you were gonna try.)

Will I be personally coached by you and get customized workouts and nutrition?


This is a self-paced, "interactive course" where you follow the instructions I've laid out for you. Of course, I'm always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have throughout. I'm just a message away at any time.

What are the workouts like?

Since I can’t make a custom plan for every single person, I wanted to give plenty of options. Three, four, or five-day workout splits; a variety of equipment options; dropdown menu for your exercise of choice; and more.

This plan is evidence-based and specifically designed for this 6-week program. The volume, intensity, and recovery is calculated for someone who’s aggressively dieting.

I've got an injury/nagging pains to work around, can I still do the workouts?

Obviously it depends on the severity, but for most situations you should be just fine! I give multiple exercise options for you to choose from for each workout, so you can avoid ones that cause any pain or discomfort.

Do I need gym access? And how long are the workouts? I'm busy.

Don't need access. I made options for the gym, or at-home with weights, bands, or just bodyweight.

Workouts will be about 45-60 minutes, tops, with 3, 4, or 5-day workout splits.

Is this safe? I don't want to ruin my metabolism or starve myself.

Yes. It is absolutely safe for healthy individuals.

The Accelerator Diet was actually inspired by a recent randomized controlled study from 2020. It showed a certain diet methodology that resulted in more muscle retention and a better metabolic rate than traditional dieting.

I've also been coaching people how to lose fat for years and have been sub 8% body fat myself, so I know the tricks of the trade to ensure you aren't starving on this program.

Plus, if you've followed me for any extended period of time, you know I'd never put you in harm's way. (I could also lose my license as a Registered Dietitian.)

Will you give me a custom meal plan?


But I do have a 2-Day Example Meal Plan that shows exactly how I would eat while following the Accelerator Diet (more details inside the course) to hit my daily goals.

And if that's not enough, the course also contains: daily calorie/macro calculations, high-protein recipes from a professional chef, the Accelerator Diet Grocery List, meal templates, and more.

You're free to eat (or drink!) whatever you want while doing the FLA as long as you hit your daily targets.

What if I have nutrition restrictions or allergies? Can I do this?

Absolutely. I don't tell you specifically what you HAVE to eat, so your food choices will be up to you. (Probably a good idea not to get all your carbs from donuts, but you have free reign.)

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you can still do the program, just make sure you're comfortable with higher-protein diets.

I'm more of a beginner, this looks too "tough" for me. Should I still give it a try?

I can understand how "advanced" the FLA can look, but it's designed for every day people, even beginners.

Because while the theory and principles of the FLA are backed by the latest "cutting-edge" science, I made the APPLICATION as simple as possible.

I've been helping people with weight loss for long enough to know that the "perfect" plan is pointless if people can't follow it.

So, yes, you should absolutely give it a try! (Plus, you'll learn in six weeks what takes others years to find out.)

I think I'm just going to try on my own first, then I'll consider signing up.

I respect that, but consider this: sure, it’s possible to lose fat by piecing together information you find from the Internet, but it’s risky and the odds are against you. It’s very likely you end up wasting time, energy, and money. I know because I’ve spent almost a decade trying to figure it out myself!

I’m not trying discourage you, but just think about why you're reading this in the first place—something isn’t working.

So you can take that path if you want, but if your time, energy, and health are worth more than what I'm asking, then I'd suggest the alternative...

(Plus, I'm not sure if I'll open the doors again until next year.)

Can I participate if I live in [blank]?


How does the payment work?

It's a one-time payment for lifetime access. I use Stripe for orders, which is an extremely safe and trusted payment processor.

What if it's not right for me?

No problem! See below.

Oh, look, a money-back guarantee.

If you can show me you did the work and completed the course, and didn't LOVE the experience ⏤ I'll refund you entirely.

Now there's 100% no risk on your end for giving this a shot. You either love it, or your money back.

"I truly feel better, have more energy and feel this is sustainable. This program has changed my life!"

- Tracie A.

"I ended up losing just over 10 pounds and not only went up 10 pounds on my bench but was able to go up or maintain on all other lifts!"

- Andrew P.

"It was very worth it. I surpassed all my goals on it. I honestly didn’t expect much from 6 weeks but I was surprised."

- John C. (Not a car 😉)


Make this time different. Join today to take the first step.

“This was my first time actually committing to a 6-week cut with almost 0 slip-ups!”

— Andrew P.



Meet my Mom.

I know you weren't expecting this⏤and I'm breaking all the "sales" rules right now⏤but I'm including this for a reason. (I also think it's cute.)

Momma Leslee here taught me the importance of keeping my word, to myself and others. So I'm making sure I uphold that here today.

The FLA isn't magic. It's not going to work for everyone, possibly even you. And I'm OK with admitting that.

But. On the other hand. It's entirely possible that the FLA is a perfect fit for you, and can help you do exactly what you want, just like it has for so many others.

I truly believe that, and hope you join today so we can find out⏤together.

-Matt McLeod

Creator of FLA, Registered Dietitian, Coach (& Son)